Automobile Companies In India

The automobile sector in India has mushroomed over the years into a mature and well established industry. The establishment of a 300 million middle class in the last twenty years has helped the industry to grow into a profitable venture which sells over 100,000 passenger vehicles per month in the country and produced over 2.6 … Continue reading “Automobile Companies In India”

The automobile sector in India has mushroomed over the years into a mature and well established industry. The establishment of a 300 million middle class in the last twenty years has helped the industry to grow into a profitable venture which sells over 100,000 passenger vehicles per month in the country and produced over 2.6 million Indian automobiles in 2009. India is also the fourth largest automobile exporter in Asia. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more then 600 million cars on Indian roads.

Automobile companies in India include both local and multinational companies. The Indian companies sell a major portion of the vehicles sold in India. Many of these Companies are successful because they have been operating for a long time and have built a loyal customer base.

Hindustan Motors is the oldest automobile company in the country. It started its production in 1942. It is not only producing indigenous vehicles but is also collaborating with Mitsubishi to produce the new lancer models.
Maruti Suzuki India is the biggest automobile company of India in terms of revenues and sales. It started operating in 1983 as a result of collaboration of Maruti with Suzuki. The 800 cc vehicle built by the company is credited with starting the automobile revolution in the India. Its recent sales figures are around 5000 core rupees.

Tata is the largest automobile manufacturing company of the country. It has manufactured more then 130 models for both the Indian and International markets. The models include all types of passenger and commercial vehicles.
Almost all of the top automobile companies of the world are operating in India. They include Toyota, Mercedes, Skoda, BMW, Ford, Opal and Hyundai among others. These companies either manufacture vehicles or build cars through importing built up units.

Hyundai Motors India is the largest exporter of passenger cars in India and is the countries second largest manufacturer of automobiles. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai Korea and started operating in 1995. In 2008 it exported more then 240,000 vehicles.
The automobile sector is one India success story, automobile companies have contributed significantly to the development of the Indian economy by creating jobs paying lots of taxes and earning loads of foreign exchange.

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Desire Any Details On Recycling Automobile For Money Look At This

When you are contemplating recycling your vehicle or truck to get some additional money or your vehicle just is not running. Or perhaps your vehicle or truck doesn’t even run at all and also you are thinking of strategies to obtain money for the car. Recycling possibly the very best alternative for you personally, it is ordinarily pretty easy to do and commonly is often handled within the similar day. Automobile Scrapyards have all the right equipment to dispose of potentially unsafe supplies like diverse fluids and acids. They are going to take out the parts that they can re-sell as well as the rest of the various metals will probably be crushed and shredded to create other steel merchandise inside the future.

You can find anywhere from 10 million to 14 million cars annually finish up in scrapyards across the county. A good deal out the far more desirable automobiles like Honda and Toyota automobile components are stored for on the lots for people today planning to fix up older model autos. A few of the less desirable automobiles get shredded for the metal instantly. The things to don’t forget when considering recycling your auto for cash are getting the right paperwork to provide for the money for junk automobiles firm. A clean title and the keys, and possessing all 4 tires will help as to how they may be going to remove the car.

Most corporations that give money to get a junk car will offer you a cost-free tow, because there is fantastic revenue for the parts and metal inside a car for these automobile scrapyards. You may count on to get anyplace from $150 to as high a $600 for your auto, van, truck or SUV. In case you have a newer model that has been inside a wreck, these automobiles can bring in various thousands. Automobiles for recycling are constantly in high demand so check about on pricing to get the most money for the car.

Selling your automobile might be as quick as making a telephone call to a money for junk vehicles service, it is possible to give your, year, make and model and you can get a quote for your automobile ideal over the telephone in minutes. You’ll be able to generally try to sell your auto by utilizing net classified web pages, but there are actually plenty of scams when it comes to purchasing and selling on those type of internet sites. You could possibly not get the cash you believe your automobile is worth, but as you call about you may find it is a pretty completive industry so you must get a fair value for the vehicle. Nationwide cash for car pick-up providers usually personal automobile scrapyards our have contracts to deliver them as quite a few vehicles as you possibly can. If could be a pretty lucrative business if run efficiently element of that’s paying the ideal quantity for the vehicle and still getting able to recycle the vehicle to get a profit. In the event you our somebody you know is considering applying a money for cars service do some homework and be sure you get the ideal possible deal.

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Why You Need To Have Automobile Insurance Policy

Auto accidents could actually occur anytime. Even trying to be a very careful motorist wouldn’t make the streets totally safe. Auto insurance can provide you with security that whatever comes about, you don’t need to deal with any of the financial obligation by yourself.

The Basics of Car Insurance

Auto insurance is essentially a specific policy made use of by a car owner as a preemptive measure against car traffic accidents. There may be many types of car insurance, and generally the minimum called for by law is just liability insurance. An automobile insurance policy is often good for about half a year to one year, and is normally paid through insurance premiums. The cost is essentially based on your very own conditions and the actual condition of your very own car.

Liability Insurance policy coverage.

This kind of vehicle insurance will take care of damage and destruction because of your motor vehicle to other people and their things. It’s fundamentally subdivided into two kinds bodily damage liability, and that will take care of doctor’s bills, mental damages, income lost, and other special accidental damages and the other is property damage liability, which in turn covers repairs or perhaps replacing of destroyed property.

Comprehensive Insurance.

Comprehensive insurance policy plan would actually cover damage and destruction to others and also stuff due to an automobile crash wherein you are actually at fault. It would also take care of damages to your automobile due to a car accident, fire, or maybe theft. This particular insurance plan could cover any untoward incident that your very own car could possibly get involved in. Comprehensive insurance coverage is often quite expensive.

Underinsured / Uninsured Driver Protection.

This type of insurance is really helpful if you actually are hit by a driver or motorist who does not currently have car insurance, or who actually has an insurance plan but does not have sufficient insurance protection. This can help take care of all of your hospital expenditures and motor vehicle maintenance bills.

Reasons to Invest in Automobile Insurance?

Car insurance is mandated by law. It could actually provide you with the necessary protection if you run into financial liability in case of a motor vehicle accident. If you are at fault, and you actually don’t have any insurance policy, you’ll probably have to pay for all the damage and destruction to all other properties concerned. Moreover you might be responsible for expenses like for example hospital expenditures and also funeral service fees. Also you’re on your own when it comes to having your own vehicle repaired.

You can be penalized, and even get your license terminated for up to 12 months when intercepted driving a motor vehicle with no insurance. In addition you wouldn’t be permitted to renew the registration on your vehicle. To be able to receive the right just to drive a car once more, there is yet another fee to cover.

Searching for Automobile Insurance Over the internet

It could be even more simple and easy to obtain auto insurance protection over the internet. But do not forget that not all insurance firms would offer you the very same prices and caliber of auto insurance. You will need to take a look at your actual condition, and choose the particular insurance plan which fits you best. After that you could get started on your investigation on the many different providers of auto insurance. Get insurance quotes, and assess all the conditions connected with the insurance policy package. Usually there are several ways to lessen the purchase price of your own car insurance. Be sure to find out from the insurer if you actually are eligible for a special price, or perhaps if there is anything at all that they could possibly recommend for you to accomplish so as to qualify for cheaper insurance plan rate.


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What Excatly Is A Automobile

People couldn’t depend on them. The most important thing about the modern automobile is that you can depend on it. When a man or woman goes to the garage, there is no doubt in his mind that the car will start immediately and run properly. The modern automobile was really born about seventy-five years ago. Men of all countries were working on the problem, but the first two that succeeded were Germans. One of them was named Gottlieb Daimler and the other was named Karl Benz.

They did not work together, but each of them produced an automobile that used a “gas engine,” orinternal combustionengine, as today’s automobiles do. Companies that they started are still manufacturing automobiles, Daimler in England and Mercedes-Benz in Germany. In the United States, a man named George B. Selden of Rochester, N. Y., got patents in 1895 that covered an automobile of the basic kind we still use. It was small and crude and you would never recognize it as being in the same class as today’s automobiles, but its main features were the same. There was a gasoline engine that supplied the power.

There was a clutch, a device with which the driver could connect the engine with the driving mechanism when he wanted to go, and disconnect it when he wanted to stop. There was a transmission, a device that caused the engine, running at high speed, to turn the rear wheels of the car at a lower speed. The rear wheels pushed the car forward and made it “run by itself.” Even before Selden got his patent, Charles and Frank Duryea had made automobiles and Henry Eord was making one. Other great pioneers who made automobiles before the year 1900, were Ransom E. Olds, Alexander Winton, Elwood Haynes, Elmer Apperson, and several others. There were automobiles automobiles named for all these men, but only the name Olds has survived (in the Oldsmobile). Within the ten years that followed, literally hundreds of new makes of automobile appeared on the market. The number of different makes became less and less every year. During the 1930s, the “depression years” when business was so bad for everyone, all but the biggest had to go out of business.

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What Loose Or Worn Tie Rod End Could Cost You

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Steering looseness is one of the most common problems of automobile owners. The common causes of the said problem include worn tie rod ends, worn idler arms, damaged center links (for vehicles without rack and pinion steering), and tatty steering gears or racks. Among these causes, the most overlooked is the problem on worn tie rod ends.

People, most of the time, ignore steering looseness. Unfortunately, they realize the importance of solving it when they experience the wrath of their carelessness and lack of foresight. Normally, the steering wheel should have no greater than a quarter inch of play. More than that would mean something is worn or loose and it needs some fixing.

To remedy the problem, others would put off. According to experts, this should not be done because the failure of a vital auto component could result to loss of steering control. Both the inner and the outer tie rod ends should have no detectable looseness. A worn or loose tie rod end is especially perilous. It does not only result to rapid tire wear but it could cost you a fortune. Or worst, it could take lives.

If your vehicle has a lot of miles on it, the steering rack or gear may be worn. There is usually an adjustment screw found on conventional steering boxes. The screw could be utilized to take some of the slack out of the system. If the vehicle has rack and pinion steering, adjustment is of little help for the reason that the rack develops center wear. The only solution is for the center wear to have a replacement of the entire rack assembly. Sometimes, the steering of the vehicle will feel loose because of a tatty U-joint coupling in the steering column. Another worth noting cause is worn wheel bearings.

A loose or worn tie rod end results to a feathered wear pattern on the front tires. To detect it, car owners should raise the front of the vehicle off the ground and shake the front wheel back and forth. If you sense a free play, there is something wrong with the tie rod end and it needs immediate replacement.

If you are using a Ford vehicle, its tie rod has typically a tie rod end on both ends. The end Ford rod tie is used to link the steering rack with the front wheel hub. It also has a threaded adjusting sleeve that allows the length of the tie rod to be adjusted. The adjustment is intended for the alignment of the toe. A worn Ford tie rod end could cause excessive tire wear.

What does a NHTSA Ford tie rod end have to do with the vehicle handling? When a vehicle owner intends a performance Mustang or Focus SVT, he will be using the best shocks, bushings, and springs. However, if the Ford tie rod used is out of spec, good handling could never be had. This means that end Ford rod tie should be replaced first before one could move on to more intricate upgrades. Basically, Ford tie rod end tightens the steering feel.

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Meet CarArtSpot The Genre Of Automobile

Do you harbor a strong passion for art and cars?

For some of us, automobiles aren’t simply a “mode of transportation”. And art isn’t just a “painting”. It represents something much deeper and valuable, like the pure unadulterated exhilaration when you first lay your eyes on the 1967 Mustang Shelby; or the feeling of watching an artist create something magnificent out of nothing.

If art and automobiles make your blood rush, then the place that you need to visit is CarArtSpot. As a leading car art work collector, the online store has developed as a community for “Automobile” fans to indulge in their two most favorite fantasies. If you’re not already familiar with them, here are some compelling reasons to check out what they have to offer:

Automotive Art- At Its Finest

Art has a way of evoking strong feelings. CarArtSpot was established with the simple mission to infuse art as a form of reproducing vehicles the way the artist views it. It is emotional and passionate expression at its best.

All the artworks that CarArtSpot offers are originalsormuseum-quality reproduction, with Certified Giclee printing techniques. This is a fairly new technology that is highly detailed, placing special emphasis on intricate aspects such as the color intensity and solvency of the dye. This protects de-colorization with a warranty up to 300 years. The specialized and unique nature of the art is the reason behind its limited availability and high value.

An Avenue For Automotive Artists

If car art is your first language, then CarArtSpot is your platform for growth. The community has evolved as a strong and reliable forefront for showcasing and appreciating superior car art by numerous artists. Whether you produce exquisite painting as a hobby or a professional, CarArtSpot promotes art in every form, acting as a middleman, to bridging the gap between car art lovers and artists. The art representation is not limited to paintings but covers all artistic expressions ranging from sculptures to photo art and books.

Your One-Stop Venue To Hear About The Hottest Automotive Art Events In The World

As an enthusiast, you want to stay in the loop of the best car art events that the world has to offer. Instead of signing up at every vehicle promoting forum, why not simply check in at CarArtSpot? They take automobile to the next level with an extensive listing of the most recent and sought after events that are taking place, worldwide.

Here is how you can become a part of this passionate community:


+31 (0)6 52546940

Postal Address:


Bolder 1

3863TL Nijkerk

The Netherlands

Fuel Your Automotive Art Passion With Some Car Art CarArtSpot is a platform that connects car and art lovers on a single arena. They manage the sale of original and exquisite car art, by individual artists, that has the potential of becoming a collector’s item. Here is how you can become a part of this close community: Website: Phone: +31 (0)6 52546940 Postal Address: CarArtSpot Bolder 1 3863TL Nijkerk The Netherlands

Picking the ideal Automobile Thermometer

You could possibly be considering adding a car thermometer for your car. If so you can find some factors you need to bear in mind as you might be choosing the proper one particular for your uses. Car thermometers are best for checking the temperature within your car anytime and anywhere, not simply they are able to be utilized for vehicle temperature, but some can even be ideal for seeing temperature in aquariums, pet habitats, and HVAC air ducts etc… Having the best piece of equipment can make your encounter much more enjoyable, but in the event you get the wrong one along with the temperature drops to freezing, ice and black ice can form on the road extremely quickly. Once you’re alert of this danger, driving a lot more cautiously can assist save your life.


One of the 1st items you should take into account when choosing a automobile thermometer may be the value obviously, but which is not the finish of the search. You will also would like to get the best attributes at the same time, so be sure that you simply establish what features are most important to you. The more characteristics you get the a lot more you are able to expect to devote, but if you’re prepared to forego some attributes that you simply really feel you can do without having, a less costly model may do. On the low finish you might have the ability to discover a single that may price as little as $9, but you can find even some that cost as a lot as $199 or much more.


As you look for the perfect automobile thermometer you will wish to contemplate how you’ll be utilizing this marvel of technologies. For instance, in case you are going to become using yours just for the inside the automobile temperature reading, you won’t must worry so considerably about other feathers that might or could not include the device. At least that is certainly accurate in case you are not going to want it for aquarium or Jacuzzi temp reading. Don’t forget some come constructed with durable material that could stand wear and tear.


Regardless of whether you receive the SainSpeed 7045V that is a multi-function mini system that can accurately shows temperature inside/outside or the Digital Temperature Meter with remote temp sensor which comes pack with an 8 ft. cable and remote temp sensor probe. Great for seeing temperature in vehicles, aquariums, pet habitats, HVAC air ducts, personal computer towers and cpu temp, reading temperature inside or outside the home, test gear, farms, pools , Jacuzzi, see outside air or water temperature in automobiles, vans, trucks, RV’s and boats. It is possible to make sure you’ll locate the form of vehicle thermometer which will sure to come packing with attributes as well as a manageable value tag, but it is going to be worth the expense as you take into account their complete and extensive usability. And you can find models that happen to be portable which guarantee that you can take them anywhere.


The subsequent thing that you simply really should think about when searching for an car thermometer to buy is always to see regardless of whether the Temperature can be selected in each Celsius and Fahrenheit. Some models include LED indicator flash light and may warn you when icy road conditions and backlight style that permits you to accurately read the digits within the dark, while others are basic models that may merely give the temperature inside your auto. Make sure you take a great take a look at the SainSpeed 7045V the 3 in 1: Car Thermometer plus Car Digital Alarm Clock and Lead-Acid Battery Monitor, specifically if those are critical to you, that will help you make a great buying selection. Some will include the plug for the cigarette lighter while others will work with only batteries or wireless car thermometer and of course the draw back to that is certainly you might have to keep buying batteries along with the pro is it truly is portable.


Take a look into all of the new advances in technology that have made

Jobs in automobile industry

India has shown great growth both in terms of the cultural and economic development. The citizens of India have undergone various changes with respect to the practices in the education and the job culture. The importance and the prevalence of industry and varied sectors keep on changing with the demand and the need of its respective products in the society. The production and growth of a particular sector depends on the demand and supply quotient of its products and materials. More the demand of the products in a particular sector will rise; more will be the need of working staff in the respective sector, hence leading to a rise in the job opportunities in the sector.

Though there are many industries, which have been responsible for the economic growth of the country, like retail, hospitality, BPO, Pharmaceutical, textile, food and beverages, etc. But, automobile sector is one, which earns the major share of responsibility for the growth of the country as a whole. Automobile sector is one of the largest sectors of country, with a number of companies coming under its banner, employing thousands of job seekers in the industry. Indian automobile market has expanded its arena in the global market, with launching their innovations and products abroad. A candidate applying for Automobile Jobs needs to have a degree in the mechanical or the automobile industry, to register himself as an employee of the automobile sector.

Following are the fields in which a suit himself according to his professional qualification for a job in the automobile industry:


1.)Product development or design engineers

2.)Mechanical engineer

3.)Engineer purchase


1.)Mechanical or maintenance executives

2.)Factory automation


1.)Workshop supervisors

2.)Production supervisors

3.)Shift supervisors


1.)Engine component planner and Assembly

2.)Quality executive

3.)Final vehicle inspection


1.)RF Design Engineer

Other job opportunities:

1.)Company secretary

2.)Sales consultant

3.)IT Head

4.)Service managers

The two main sectors in which automobile sector are divided into two wheelers and four wheeler industry. The persons employing for jobs in the automobile industry needs to have great technical skills and should have degree or diploma in the same sector. students to become eligible for the jobs in this industry has to do graduation or certificate courses, for which one needs to have non medical subjects like physics, chemistry and maths in his senior secondary education levels. A student before applying for job in the automobile industry must possess any of the following degrees:

1.)B Tech/ BE in Mechanical Engineering

2.)Certificate in applied thermodynamics

3.)M Tech in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Machine design, automobile engineering, CAD/ CAM and Automation

4.)Diploma in Robotics and Automation

5.)Certificate in engineering mechanics

The duration of the degree courses is for four years, but the certificate and the diploma courses are usually for short term, which are for six or one year. With the growth and the development of the automobile sector in the country, and the competition rising, more and more automobile companies are increasing. Some of the companies providing opportunities for the job seekers in automobile industry are:

1.)Hero Honda

2.)Tata motors

3.)Ford motors

4.)Ashok Leyland Ltd



7.)Mody Motors

8.)Maruti Udyog Ltd

9.)Honeywell Automation India Ltd

10.)Yamaha Motor India

Thus, we can say, that a student can find a good job in the field of automation, with proper and specific qualification required for grabbing the respective jobs. also, with the scale with which the country is growing, one can look for a great future in the various jobs related to automobile industry.

Gurleen writes on behalf of, the no.1 job portal in India.She writes on topics like jobs, BPO Jobs and increasing work concentration.

How did the spread of automobile transform the United States

The automotive industry has seen the revolution of the American cultural, infrastructural, social and economic aspect especially in the twentieth century. This is attributed to the widespread ownership of vehicles in the American community especially with launching of affordable Model T by Henry ford and the mass production through assembly lines. The revolution also affected other sectors that service the industry and changes of consumerism due to enhanced purchasing power. The changes by the spread of the automobiles are independently studied next. Background

It all started in Europe with the invention of motor powered vehicles in the late eighteenth century. As a matter of fact by the middle of 19th century the engineers were still finding a solution on powering the automobile. Electric cars were produced in the twentieth century but were out of production by the first decade. Next came steam powered automobile but was similarly phased out due to the high cost of engine production and the problem of boiler explosion. The combustion engine later became popular which saw icons like Ransom and Henry Ford come up with gas powered engine which was more reliable than the steam and electric powered engines.

Commercial automotive production on a large scale started in France in late nineteenth century. However, in the United States it started in the beginning of twentieth century.  The first vehicle to be manufactured on a mass scale was the three horse power curved Oldsmobile in 1901 (Batchelor 45). Other manufacturers then entered into the automotive business which saw companies such as Ford Motor Company come into existence in 1903 with popular model T. The model was produced by the company for an average American and by 1920 the company had sold more than a million automobiles.

The revolution of the automobile industry in the United States can be pin pointed to Henry Ford and the assembly line which made mass production of cars at an affordable price for Americans possible. Indeed, the cars changed the lifestyle of Americans and economic benefits were astounding turning some cities like Michigan and Detroit into auto capitals. This followed with other companies like Chevrolet and Chrysler settings plants into these locations. Mobility

The entry into the automotive industry by players like Henry Ford saw the spread of the automobile among the American population unlike before when the toys were preserve of the rich. With the company producing affordable cars the automobiles became available for the middle class as well. The effect this had on the automobile industry in America is that the wages and the units of the automobiles tremendously increased. Convenience of travel improved and people were no longer required to stay near railway lines and people spread all over the urban areas.

During the era of horse driven mode of transportation ten to fifteen miles was the standard distance that could be traveled. However, with this transformation it brought along a change in living and social life of the Americans. With the distance that could be traveled immensely becoming expanded, cities and infrastructure started being extended and built on a big scale. It goes without saying that with the energized automotive industry the service industry would also grow which saw proliferation of auto-related shops, gas stations, shops on highways and fast food establishments come up. Infrastructure

About a century ago the infrastructure at the moment mainly consisted of the steam ships, canals and rail roads. However it is the invention of the ‘two wheeler’ that sparked the need to have a road network which saw the development of roads to serve the wagons, coaches and bicycles being carried out. However it is the revolution of the automobile industry that occurred with the introduction of the t-mobile in early 20th century that put pressure on the government to become more involved in the infrastructure development. As a matter of fact in 1916, it is under the Federal Aid Road Act that the state highway agencies were to be funded on a continuous program to help in improvement of the roads (Richard Para6). In addition, the Federal highway act of 1921 started providing funds to the state highway agencies in aiding them to construct the two lane interstate highways (Richard para8). The fruits of the federal government in road improvement and construction failed with the destruction of the roads after world war two. In 1944 legislation was passed to create a national system of interstate highways with an anticipation of a vibrant automobile industry. It is worth noting that between 1921 and 1941 the funding from the federal government saw the tripling of the amount of surfaced roads with an estimated forty billion dollars being spent on roads (Rob Para 8). According to Rob (para5) with the increase in automobiles which had been designed for horses the various authorities and the government launched ambitious road construction campaigns. The expansion of cities also intensified and saw the emergence of suburbs. At the time the workers usually lived near the factories or in areas where transportation was accessible by street car or rail. Economic

With the revolution of automobile came the employment opportunities. For instance, when the Ford Company developed the assembly line workers were employed on an average pay of five dollars on a forty hour per week basis. Indeed, according to ford when pricing the Model T he made sure it would be affordable to the workers as well. The impact of the automobile brought along unions to fight for the workers rights which as a result created a solid middle class. It was in 1930s that legislation gave the unions the legality and the bargaining power. The unions negotiated wages and other benefits employed in the automobile plants. It can be noted that the 40 hour work week and the minimum wage payable was set at the time. It is also notable that after the great depression there was a mass exodus to search for jobs from areas like California and a huge suburban sprawl.

With the spread of automobile and an alternative mode of transportation brought along some changes. Buying on mode of installments was encouraged by automakers in order to beat off competition by the established and cheap brands like Model T in 1916. In addition, the manufacturers at the time also stimulated buying of the automobiles on credit. Motels in particular cropped up from 1925 and were to be found on busy interchanges, suburbs and airports and wee designed to offer overnight lodging to the countryside travelers (Longstreet 121). The drive in restaurants also started mushrooming with Pig Stand in Dallas being an example of such a restaurant where travelers could be served inside the comfort of their automobiles. It is worth noting that the idea of the assembly that was developed by Ford was replicated in food industry by Ray Kroc which saw the opening up of MacDonald fast food in 1948 and chain restaurants as well.

It is common knowledge that the automotive industry is a good consumer of steel and other metals. Indeed with an expanded automotive industry has lead to a high demand for steel and rubber. As a matter of fact according to Setright (36) 20% of the steel and 60% of the rubber produced in America goes to the automotive industry. In addition with the growth of the automotive industry this has stimulated the technological advancement, petroleum refining and other processes related to the sector.


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Automobile Alley – Oklahoma City

Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City is a neighborhood in Downtown OKC located on North Broadway Avenue, and was once home to over 50 car dealerships and related businesses. The prominence of the automobile in American society and the massive conglomeration of automobile businesses in the area led to it being named Automobile Alley (A-Alley). Today though, it’s known more as an upscale neighborhood with restaurants, shops and many heritage buildings, many of which were once car dealerships.

Listed in the National Historic Register of neighborhoods, plans were made in the 1990s to transform the old automobile dealership buildings into retail space, restaurants and condos. The massive revitalization has prompted many new businesses (though not necessarily related to the auto industry) to move to Automobile Alley, OKC.

Though the area was once thriving and buzzing in the 1920s and the decades following it, the 1970s and 1980s were a period of neglect for the entire Downtown area. As a result many businesses moved out of Automobile Alley during this period. The heyday of A-Alley was over, until the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in 1995 that left up to 350 buildings in the Downtown area damaged.

Mayor Ron Norick led OKC to leave the tragedy behind, hard as it may seem, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. For this he envisaged a revitalized Downtown area and particularly, Automobile Alley. Today it’s a thriving center for business and entertainment, with great restaurants such as the Red Prime and Iguana Mexican Grill among the many destinations for food lovers in the city. The Flat Iron and the Triangle area also attract visitors.

OKC hotels offer shuttle services to guests that take them to all important destinations in the city, including Automobile Alley, Oklahoma City.

Automobile Alley in Oklahoma City is a thriving center for business and entertainment. Hotels Oklahoma City – The Bricktown Hotel and Convention Center is one of the finest hotels in Downtown Oklahoma City. Located only 1.5 miles from downtown Oklahoma City’s historic Bricktown District, the Bricktown Hotel is your destination for superior lodging when you travel to Oklahoma City.